Our Philosophy

We want to meet you where you are at. Your place. Your time. There is no pretence in this simple statement. We all work. We all have family. We all learn to juggle the many dimensions of life. The Pradem philosophy is professionalism with flexibility. We operate in a family friendly environment to the benefit of our clients and our staff whilst still getting the job done.

Our Objectives

At Pradem, our objective is to support you and your business to prosper through the provision of exceptional financial management, taxation advice and consulting expertise.

We believe that all businesses should have access to highly skilled financially savvy resources. Resources that can assist you in operating your business efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis as well as support you through growth and development phases… right through until you exit the business. We can support you through the whole journey, or at selected times, or with selected activities along the way.

Why should small and medium businesses miss out on these skills just because they do not require (and often cannot afford) a dedicated full time, highly skilled finance manager? This is where we can help.

Our Network

Our professional network is extensive and available to you. It includes bankers, solicitors, tax barristers, IT consultants, financial planners, contractors, tradies, builders, HR professionals, insurance brokers, real estate agents, charter flight operators, exporters…………. The list goes on and is ever growing as we meet new and interesting people.

As a Pradem client, you become part of it! We will happily refer business to our clients when the opportunities arise.